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The SDIGEC GWEP is providing trainings to health care providers at various healthcare systems that include:

  • Assessing educational needs and areas of concern of providers

  • Determining preferred and optimal methods for implementation of education programs and tailoring accordingly.

  • Identifying current practice of “4Ms” of Age-Friendly Healthcare” and providing practice implementation support

  • Providing relevant trainings centered on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias and  the 4Ms of an Age-Friendly Health System through “Education” teams established at UCSD and with community partners

  • Ensuring links and referrals to community resources; and

  • Fostering participation in national AFHS Action Communities in order to gain the tools and knowledge to become an Age-Friendly Health System with the opportunity for recognition as a formal AFHS Participant (Level 1) and Committed to Care Excellence (Level 2).

Example training formats may include:

  • Live virtual or in-person lunch sessions (with Continuing Medical Education credits offered)

  • Case discussions

  • “Open hours”

  • Grand Rounds presentations

  • Access to webinar modules and other asynchronous resources

  • Overview of recommended Clinical Guidelines

Dementia Care Aware


Dementia Care Aware empowers primary care providers and their teams to screen for dementia. Take our training on a 5-10-minute cognitive screening tool called the cognitive health assessment (CHA). This tool can be used annually or whenever a cognitive screen is indicated, such as during Medicare Annual Wellness Visit. 

Training Videos


Topic: Legal Capacity Considerations

Presented by: Elder Law & Advocacy

Hosted by: DCA Medical-Legal Partnership

Video from December 1st 2023

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