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UC San Diego has both a long-standing geriatrics fellowship program, which trains 3 fellows each year, and a geriatric psychiatry fellowship program, which trains 2-3 fellows each year.  These ACGME-accredited training programs are each one year in length. Both programs provide comprehensive fellowship training offering a wide variety of quality clinical experiences in geriatric, geriatric psychiatry and dementia care settings, in addition to a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) rotation.


Rotations are designed to address the six core competency domains for practicing geriatric medicine or geriatric psychiatry, learning the skills required to deliver health care effectively in a changing health care market, and increasing the fellows’ knowledge and application of this knowledge in geriatrics and geriatric psychiatry. 

Fellows in both programs participate in joint fellowship didactics and quality improvement projects.

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