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What Matters

What Matters to each older adult, their goals and preferences for care, should guide the health care team, with care aligned to what really matters to them.

How do you ask older adults about what matters most to them?​

Current Care Planning

  • What is important to you today?​

  • What would make tomorrow a really great day to you?​

  • What brings you joy? What makes you happy? What makes life worth living?​

  • What are some goals you hope to achieve in the next 6 months or before your next birthday? ​

Advanced Care Planning

  • Who would you want to make medical decisions for you?​

  • What are your most important goals if your health situation worsens?  ​

Older Adults​

  • Vary in What Matters most​

  • Feel more engaged, listened to​

  • Avoid unwanted care and receive wanted care​


  • Connect with and understand your patient​

  • Motivate adherence to their plan of care

Health Care Systems

  • Better patient experience scores and retention​

  • Avoid unnecessary utilization​


What Matters Resources:

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