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Staying active and moving daily is how older adults stay strong, maintain function, and do What Matters. The health care team ensures safe mobility to keep older adults moving.

Promote safe mobility to maintain function and do what matters most

Falls not only threaten independence of older adults, but also are a leading cause of death from injury

Mobility limitations in older adults put them at higher risk for:

  • disability

  • nursing-home placement

  • decreased quality of life

  • death


What we can do...

  • Screen for mobility limitations (asking about falls, performing a TUG)

  • Decrease high risk meds (CNS meds that cause balance issues, BP meds that cause orthostatic hypotension, caution with hypoglycemic meds, etc.)

  • Environmental modifications (footwear, rugs, grab bars in bathroom)

  • Physical Therapy and Exercise (muscle strength, balance, aerobic)

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